SKILLsutra has a very popular course for bringing out creativity in the young minds. Everyone has a story hidden inside. It is the caliber of a creative mind to decipher it and bring it out in front of the world.

What is Your Story ? Definitely, with strong mentoring and skillful Creative Writing guidance from the experienced creative mentor from SKILLsutra, this personalistic-individual journey becomes a pleasure.

What is your style? What is a plot and structure? How to develop your characters as real life heroes? How to bring in conflict and make upheavals in the flat drama script? How to create your own universe and decipher those jumbled up words and pent up feelings inside you? Editing and copy-writing to story telling and plotting. Learn all this and more in a structured professional environment.

Pick up that notepad or laptop and start writing. Scripting is your cup of tea or short stories, even novels or poetry? You are aptly guided by assignment based series of sessions that bring out the hidden talent in you. If you can speak and write and think, it does not matter what stage or age of life you are at. Creative Writing Module from SKILLsutra, the leading SKills Development Academy is for You.

Leave your details along side in the given form panel or call us at 8880111222 to fix an appointment for an initial discussion and mentoring session.