Social Media has hit the marketing world by storm. This phenomenon has reduced the burden put on advertising budgets. Companies, who use social media effectively, can highly reduce their costs of customer acquisition and retention. On the same hand, badly administered social media policy can also effect an organization adversely.

SKILLsutra organizes day long seminars for the benefit of corporate houses on social media from time to time. This highly-effective and interactive-session is delivered by social media experts from the industry and results in an overall understanding, working knowledge and social-media etiquette on various aspects related to social media :

  • Social Media, What to Expect ?
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Social Media Limitations
  • Social Media as a PR tool
  • Social Media as a Marketing Tool
  • Creating Social Media Awareness
  • Social Media Fallacies
  • Social Media and Brand Building
  • Best Social Media Sites
  • Creating a Corporate Social Culture

SKILLsutra offers specialized modules and training sessions at the SKILLsutra Career Centers as well as client Corporate locations by contract. Please get in touch with us for more details at or 8880111222.

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