Are there any programs for non working students?

Yes, SKILLsutra helps candidates who are searching for a suitable job by means of career counseling, psychoanalytical testing, skills training, professional mentoring  and placement activities. The Campus-to Corporate programs held by competent SKILLsutra trainers help the students individually as well as collectively when they are in a learning environment in a school or college. These short term workshops and training sessions build up their employ-ability skills along with enhancing their technical skills. A short visit to any of the SKILLsutra career centers will provide you with more information on this very crucial process. 'SMART PROFESSIONAL' a very competent program aimed at college passouts includes seven modules targeting the seven utmost required skills required for a corporate job today. These are Communication, Team Building, Presentation, Creative Thinking, Stress Management, Time Management and Conflict Management.

Do SKILLsutra Career Centers conduct training programs for School students?

Yes, SKILLsutra conducts regular classes for school students. Typically, in the formative age, that is the age group between 10-16, students pick up the powers of observation, creativity, communication and interpersonal skills. Enhancing and building up on these factors today, will positively result in a better personality for tomorrow. SKILLsutra helps school students through various workshops and interestingly creative sessions to develop these key skills required to enhance employability quotient of an individual student. All these workshops are developed in-house and are successfully tested and implemented across the cities.
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