Technical Skills and Soft Skills can be developed through proper guidance and mentoring provided enough time is spent in going through the learning and development phases. Resources at hand, practical experiences and last but not the least, the bond between trainer and trainee, all have to catalyst the process of learning and building confidence. As per many industry interactions with Corporate HR Managers, companies are expecting their to-be-employees to have something extra that will take them the extra mile. That extra mile, the extra edge that can gain you an entry into a company of your liking is the edge of having diverse SOFT SKILLs.

Soft Skills can be developed through proper training and mentoring with the help of experienced SKILLsutra trainers at SKILLsutra career centers across India. The most desirable Soft Skills today are – Interpersonal Skills, Negotiation Skills, Communication Skills, Time Management, Stress management, Positive Attitude, Corporate Etiquette, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Teamwork, Customer Orientation, Change adaptability, Work and Life Management, etc.

SKILLsutra offers specialized modules and training sessions at the SKILLsutra Career Centers as well as client Corporate locations by contract. Please get in touch with us for more details at or 8880111222.

Communication Skills | Interpersonal Skills | Campus to Corporate Skills | English Skills | Social Media Skills | Sales Skills | Leadership Skills | Jobs Training | Managerial Skills | Interview Skills

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