SKILLsutra has found a big disconnect between the requirements of the industries who wish to appoint plug-n-play professionals and between the candidates who are often disoriented and are least inclined to work in a challenging corporate atmosphere.

The companies want their fresh-joinees to require least amount of training or orientation to start functioning and being billable at the earliest. The candidates (or ‘FRESHERS’ as they are called), on the other hand, are rather unawares of the corporate culture, phone and email etiquette and challenges in terms of time management, people skills and aspiration handling.

The Freshers usually need confidence in their ability to perform the described KRAs, yet understand that they still have much to learn. They also need to work as a team in the new corporate atmosphere, yet demonstrate the unique talents that make them stand out as an individual.

This SKILLsutra ‘Campus-to-Corporate’ module is designed for fresh graduates who are clearing their campus interviews and joining corporate houses at various diverse positions. SKILLsutra trainers effectively impart the following skills through various interactive and role-playing sessions:

  • Industry orientation and aspiration alignment
  • Corporate etiquette
  • Self Assessment and Confidence building
  • Developing Interpersonal Skills
  • Team Culture and bonding
  • Time management & Goal Setting
  • Change Management
  • Business Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Social media

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  • #1 written by Shuja  7 years ago

    Thank You very much for the detailed course information.

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